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Robert HalfIn a presentation entitled “Staffing Strategies for the 21stCentury” by Katherine Spencer Lee, Executive Director at Robert Half Technology (September 18, 2008), the following IT staffing metrics were presented:

A Robert Half Technology* survey asked 1,400 CIOs to compare …
Actual versus ideal ratio of internal end-users to technical support employees at their company

  • Mean response for Actual was 136:1
  • Mean response for Ideal was 82:1

Technical Support Center staffs are 40 percent smaller, on average, than optimal.

Mobile vs Static staffing ratios:

  • There is a baseline ratio around 90 customers per analyst.
  • Technical and mobile user bases earn a lower ratio due to higher complexity (1:80-110)
  • Fewer analysts required for non-technical and static users (1:120-160)

Organizational goals should help set staffing levels:

  1. Compete at the cutting edge of innovation (25:1 to 50:1)
  2. Compete on full service and overall value (60:1 t0 100:1)
  3. Compete on thin cost margin and scalability (125:1 to 200:1)

A complete copy of the Robert Half presentation can be found here.


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PinkA laundry list of sample metrics for IT processes was developed by Pink Elephant.  This document provides a detailed list of over one hundred metrics for the Service Desk and each of the ten ITIL support and delivery processes.  The list includes ITIL metrics for:

  • Configuration Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Delivery Processes
  • Capacity Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Financial Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Incident Management

Click here to download the complete “Laundry List of ITIL Metrics”.

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ITIL Hourly Bill Rates

Hotgigs.com reports ITIL Hourly Bill Rates

High: $150.00 per hour

Mid: $137.50 per hour

Low: $125.00 per hour

HotGigs Inc. delivers web-based solutions and services that help companies efficiently source and manage their contract workforce. Our Contract Workforce Solutions build upon the HotGigs Staffing Exchange, which facilitates the connection and interaction of hiring companies, staffing suppliers and independent consultants.

Source: http://www.hotgigs.com/rates/skill/ITIL-hourly-consultant-bill-rates/

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ITIL Benchmarks

ITIL Benchmarks

In a study or 125 companies in the United Kingdom,  researchers found that the “IT Heads in relation to the Number of Users” was a median of 6% for ITIL adopters and 5% for ITIL rejecters.

From the same study, training costs for ITIL adoption were on average £930 per IT head.

Source: “The ITIL Experience – Has it been worth it?”, Noel Bruton, Bruton Consultancy, Spring 2004. See:

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