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javascript benchmarkAccording to benchmark tests performed by Stephen Shankland of CNet News, Google’s Chrome outperforms Firefox, MS Internet Explorer and Safari on the five subtests of JavaScript performance.   The five Javascript benchmarks used in the study were:

• Richards: OS kernel simulation benchmark, originally written in BCPL by Martin Richards (539 lines).

• DeltaBlue: One-way constraint solver, originally written in Smalltalk by John Maloney and Mario Wolczko (880 lines).

• Crypto: Encryption and decryption benchmark based on code by Tom Wu (1,689 lines).

• RayTrace: Ray tracer benchmark based on code by Adam Burmister (3,418 lines).

• EarleyBoyer: Classic Scheme benchmarks, translated to JavaScript by Florian Loitsch’s Scheme2Js compiler (4,682 lines).

The complete test can be found: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-10030888-92.html?tag=mncol

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