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Rick Mathieu serves as the Dean of the McColl School of Business at Queens University in Charlotte. The McColl School of Business offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate business programs with (1) a focus on leadership development, (2) a connection to the Charlotte business community, (3) highly engaged faculty committed to student learning, and (4) a professional development emphasis through internships and job placement. Rick is active in the information systems and operations management research communities in the areas of enterprise management, business analytics, and supply chain management. He is the Associate Editor (information systems) for the International Journal of Information Technology and Systems Approach and serves on the editorial board for the International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management, the International Journal of Services Sciences, and the International Journal of Services and Operations Management. He has published over thirty peer-reviewed journal articles, three peer-reviewed book chapters, one book, and thirty-four conference proceedings. His research has appeared in publications such as Communications of the ACM, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Production Planning and Control, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and Computers in Industry.

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